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Hi there! Hope to meet you!

I'm Becky Payton, the PluggedIn VA (PIVA) coordinator at the Thomas Jefferson Adult & Career Education center at Piedmont Virginia Community College. Welcome to our online information session for the PIVA Cook class. If you like to cook and are thinking of a career in the culinary profession, this is a great class to get you started.

About the Class

The PIVA Cook class contains several components that will prepare you for work in the culinary profession and provide you with an edge over your job market competition.

Cost: FREE!!!  (You will be provided with a knife set, cooking attire, textbooks, class materials, and excellent instructors. A savings of over $1000.00!!!)

Earn the following certificates to add to your job applications and your resume! 

  • American Hotel and Lodging Education Institute (AHLEI) Kitchen Cook, training provided by PVCC Workforce Services
  • ServSafe® 
  • National Career Readiness 
  • Computer and digital literacy 
  • Enjoy an internship at Farmington Country Club to add experience to your resume!
  • Give back to the Charlottesville community by participating with Farmington in the pop up lunch cafe "The Haven Home-cooking"  and prepare a delicious lunch to support the efforts of The Haven!
  • Join Network2Work at PVCC to help you with resources for barriers to attend class or enter employment, and to connect you with local employers who pay better wages and offer benefits!
  • If you need your high school equivalency, begin working towards a GED.

Requirements & Process

Student Requirements 

  • Positive attitude
  • Motivation to learn
  • Consistent attendance
  • Age 18+

Selection Process 

  • Complete the application
  • Complete a reading and math assessment (scheduled after application submission)
  • Interview with PIVA coordinator 
  • Student selection by PIVA coordinator
  • Onboarding with Network2Work \\

SEATING IS LIMITED, APPLICATION DEADLINE AUGUST 16, 2019 contact us soon to begin the application process!

To apply Contact: Becky Payton at 434-961-5467.

Class Reviews

"You have to be motivated and willing to learn. My big thing is show up and have a positive attitude!" —Sandra, PIVA Cook class student

"This class was very useful for me. I could learn about American food. Program Coordinator Becky was very passionate person, and ESL teacher Natalie made a devoted effort to support my learning. I highly recommend to anyone who loves to cook. And also everyone has a chance to get a job through this program. I didn't have any absences or any lateness in this class, because I really, really enjoyed the class!!" —Jeongin, PIVA Cook class student

"Deciding on a career path takes exploration and reflection. Taking the PIVA Cook class can help determine if a culinary career is the right path. It is also a great step into employment or further education to move along a culinary career pathway."—Becky Payton, TJACE@PVCC PIVA coordinator

"In PIVA Cook class, we meet you where you are at when you come in. Then, we work together to develop the core and technical skills, including hands on work experience from an internship, to help you find a job and succeed in the workplace as a professional cook. From setting goals to the job search, we work in partnership with you each step of the way." —Natalie Detert, TJACE@PVCC instructor

"The Kitchen Cook Certification provides students with the foundation knowledge needed to standout in the culinary field. Students of the course will gain both the understanding and practical skills needed to launch themselves forward in their career."—Stephanie Devaux, PVCC Workforce Services Instructor

“Farmington Country Club values our partnership with PluggedIn Virginia and we are grateful for the opportunity to provide essential job training and workplace skills to individuals seeking self-improvement and rewarding careers in the hospitality industry.”—Farmington Country Club

“Everyone deserves a second chance. To see students overcome obstacles and find success in their career paths is very rewarding and I am extremely proud to be a part of this program.” —Chef Michael Matarazzo, CEC

Interested? Get in touch

Classes will be held Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM from September 9 to December 20, 2019.

Give yourself a holiday gift of an introductory culinary class and start 2020 with a new career in the culinary profession.