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How philosophy works : the concepts visually explained / B74 .H69 2019
Malabou, Catherine Morphing intelligence : from IQ measurement to artificial brains / BF431 .M37313 2019
Eberhardt, Jennifer L.  Biased : uncovering the hidden prejudice that shapes what we see, think, and do / BF575.P9 E34 2019
Storm, Cristien Empowered boundaries : speaking truth, setting boundaries, and inspiring social change / BF637.S4 S8266 2018
Hartley, Gemma  Fed up : emotional labor, women, and the way forward / BF692.2 .H374 2018
Emre, Merve The personality brokers : the strange history of Myers-Briggs and the birth of personality testing / BF698.8.M94 E56 2018
Reichert, Michael How to raise a boy : the power of connection to build good men / BF723.M56 R45 2019
The warfare between science and religion : the idea that wouldn't die / BL240.3 .W37 2018
The Oxford handbook of Abrahamic religions / BV410 .O94 2015
Moore, Charles  Margaret Thatcher : the authorized biography : at her zenith : in London, Washington and Moscow / DA591.T47 M6675 2016 vol. 2
Moore, Charles  Margaret Thatcher : the authorized biography : herself alone / DA591.T47 M6675 2019 vol. 3
McAuliffe, Mary Sperling  Paris on the brink : the 1930s Paris of Jean Renoir, Salvador Dalí, Simone de Beauvoir, André Gide, Sylvia Beach, Léon Blum, and their friends / DC715 .M384 2018
Al Samawi, Mohammed  The fox hunt : a refugee's memoir of coming to America / DS247.Y48 S255 2018
McDonell, Nick  The bodies in person : an account of civilian casualties in American wars / DS79.767.C37 M33 2018
Rutherford, Bruce K. Modern Egypt : what everyone needs to know / DT107.87 .R88 2019
Cooney, Kara When women ruled the world : six queens of Egypt / DT83 .C66 2018
Ellis, Joseph J. American dialogue : the founders and us / E183 .E436 2018
Brown, Erin Race and ethnicity in America / E184.A1 B76 2018
Gest, Justin The white working class : what everyone needs to know / E184.A1 G424 2018
Asim, Jabari  We can't breathe : on black lives, white lies, and the art of survival / E185 .A86 2018
Bell, Derrick. Faces at the bottom of the well : the permanence of racism / E185.615 .B395 2018
Allen, Reniqua It was all a dream : a new generation confronts the broken promise to Black America / E185.8 .A56 2019
Abrams, Stacey Minority leader : how to lead from the outside and make real change / E185.93.G4 A27 2018
Brazile, Donna  For colored girls who have considered politics / E185.96 .B829 2018
Carmichael, Peter S. The war for the common soldier : how men thought, fought, and survived in Civil War armies / E607 .C26 2018
Silverman, David J.  This land is their land : the Wampanoag Indians, Plymouth Colony, and the troubled history of Thanksgiving / E99.W2 S55 2019
Lawler, Andrew The secret token : myth, obsession, and the search for the lost colony of Roanoke / F229 .L39 2018
Horn, James P. P. 1619 : Jamestown and the forging of American democracy / F234.J3 H65 2018
Zhen, Willa Food studies : a hands-on guide / GT2860 .Z47 2019
Feminism in play / GV1469.17.S63 F46 2018
Taylor, T. L. Watch me play : Twitch and the rise of game live streaming / GV1469.17.S63 T384 2018
Newman, Michael Z. Atari age : the emergence of video games in America / GV1469.3 .N484 2017
Woke gaming : digital challenges to oppression and social injustice / GV1469.34.S52 W65 2018
Wiggins, David Kenneth  More than a game : a history of the African American experience in sport / GV583 .W5455 2018
Billings, Andrew C. Mascot nation : the controversy over Native American representations in sports / GV714.5 .B55 2018
Turner, Robert W., II  Not for long : the life and career of the NFL athlete / GV951 .T87 2018
Atwood, Margaret  The handmaid's tale / Graphic Atwood
Houser, Jody The other side / Graphic Houser vol. 1
Thomas, Gary  Find your source / H62 .T46 2019
Salkind, Neil J. Statistics for people who (think they) hate statistics / HA29 .S2365 2017
Posner, Eric A.  Last resort : the financial crisis and the future of bailouts / HB3722 .P666 2018
Greenspan, Alan  Capitalism in America : a history / HB501 .G6454 2018
Tzuo, Tien Subscribed : why the subscription model will be your company's future - and what to do about it / HD30.28 .T985 2018
Hyman, Louis  Temp : how American work, American business, and the American dream became temporary / HD5854.2.U6 H96 2018
Shell, Ellen Ruppel  The job : work and its future in a time of radical change / HD8072.5 .S49 2018
DeFelice, Jim  West like lightning : the brief, legendary ride of the Pony Express / HE6375.P65 D44 2018
Hennessy, Brittany Influencer : building your personal brand in the age of social media / HF5415.1265 .H464 2018
Sonmez, John Z. Programming interviews / HF5549.5.I6 S66 2020
Danial, Kiana Cryptocurrency investing / HG1710 .D36 2019
Heimans, Jeremy New power : how power works in our hyperconnected world --and how to make it work for you / HM851 .H435 2018
Brown, David L. Rural people and communities in the 21st century : resilience and transformation / HN59.2 .B753 2019
Microaggressions, safe spaces, and trigger warnings / HN90.M84 M53 2018
Airton, Lee Gender : your guide : a gender-friendly primer on what to know, what to say, and what to do in the new gender culture / HQ1075 .A3577 2018
Wade, Lisa Gender / HQ1075 .W33 2019
Smith, Molly Revolting prostitutes : the fight for sex workers' rights / HQ118 .S65 2018
Nevertheless, they persisted : feminisms and continued resistance in the U.S. women's movement / HQ1426 .N478 2019
Johnson, E. Patrick  Black. Queer. Southern. Women. : an oral history / HQ75.6.U52 S684 2018
Mahoney, Emily Jankowski Dealing with teen pregnancy / HQ759.4 .M364 2017
Sanger, Carol  About abortion : terminating pregnancy in twenty-first-century America / HQ767.15 .S26 2017
Gill-Peterson, Julian Histories of the transgender child / HQ77.95.U6 G55 2018
The Cambridge handbook of sexual development : childhood and adolescence / HQ784.S45 C36 2019
Shapiro, Jordan The new childhood : raising kids to thrive in a connected world / HQ784.T37 S42 2018
Mustakeem, Sowande' M.  Slavery at sea : terror, sex, and sickness in the Middle Passage / HT1332 .M87 2016
Williamson, Bess Accessible America : a history of disability and design / HV1553 .W55 2019
Evans, Kim Masters Crime, prisons, and jails / HV6025 .E93 2018
Vogt, Wendy A.  Lives in transit : violence and intimacy on the migrant journey / HV6250.4.E75 V64 2018
Violence against women / HV6250.4.W65 V521536 2019
Mass shootings in America : understanding the debates, causes, and responses / HV6529 .M378 2018
Bering, Jesse Suicidal : why we kill ourselves / HV6545 .B425 2018
Oxford textbook of global health of women, newborns, children, and adolescents / HV697 .O94 2019
Carter, Gregg Lee  Gun control in the United States : a reference handbook / HV7436 .C36 2017
Ritchie, Andrea J. Invisible no more : police violence against black women and women of color / HV8141 .R57 2017
Babones, Salvatore J. The new authoritarianism : Trump, populism, and the tyranny of experts / JC574 .B32 2018
Priess, David How to get rid of a president : history's guide to removing unpopular, unable, or unfit chief executives / JF255 .P75 2018
Shames, Shauna Lani Out of the running : why Millennials reject political careers and why it matters / JK1764 .S532 2017
The two-party system in the United States / JK2265 .T96 2019
Jewitt, Caitlin  The primary rules : parties, voters, and presidential nominations / JK522 .J49 2019
Hanson, Victor Davis The case for Trump / JK526 2016 .H36 2019
Bartholomew, Robert E. American intolerance : our dark history of demonizing immigrants / JV6475 .B27 2018
Brigden, Noelle Kateri The migrant passage : clandestine journeys from Central America / JV7412 .B75 2018
Netanel, Neil Copyright : what everyone needs to know / KF2995 .N478 2018
Driver, Justin The schoolhouse gate : public education, the Supreme Court, and the battle for the American mind / KF4150 .D75 2018
Tushnet, Mark V.  Free speech beyond words : the surprising reach of the First Amendment / KF4772 .T87 2017
Gerhardt, Michael J.  Impeachment : what everyone needs to know / KF5075 .G47 2018
Carter, Edward C.  Criminal law and procedure for the paralegal / KF9219.85 .C37 2016
Delgado, Richard Must we defend Nazis? : why the First Amendment should not protect hate speech and White supremacy / KF9345 .D43 2018
Lippman, Matthew Ross  Criminal procedure / KF9619.85 .L57 2020
Koch, Janice  Teach : introduction to education / LB1027 .K578 2020
Collins, Allan  Rethinking education in the age of technology : the digital revolution and schooling in America / LB1028.3 .C636 2018
Selwyn, Neil Education and technology : key issues and debates / LB1028.3 .S38883 2017
Collins, Allan  What's worth teaching? : rethinking curriculum in the age of technology / LB1570 .C64 2017
Strike, Kenneth A. The ethics of teaching / LB1779 .S73 2009
Svinicki, Marilla D.  McKeachie's teaching tips : strategies, research, and theory for college and university teachers / LB2331 .M394 2014
ATI TEAS study manual for the Test of Essential Academic Skills. LB2353.7.T35 A85 2016
Tyler, Lucia D. The ultimate guide to college transfer : from surviving to thriving / LB2360.3 .T95 2017
Woldoff, Ron.  GRE / LB2367.4 .W65 2019
Leicester, Mal Take great notes / LB2395 .L45 2019
Park, Julie J.  Race on campus : debunking myths with data / LC1099.3 .P36 2018
Civic engagement in higher education : concepts and practices / LC220.5 .C58 2009
Teaching civic engagement : from student to active citizen / LC221 .T43 2013
Johnson, Aaron M. A walk in their kicks : literacy, identity, and the schooling of young Black males / LC2731 .J64 2019
Tobak, Vikki Contact high : a visual history of hip-hop / ML3531 .T606 2018
Passman, Donald S. All you need to know about the music business / ML3790 .P35 2019
Pejrolo, Andrea Creating sounds from scratch : a practical guide to music synthesis for producers and composers / MT724 .P47 2017
Glancey, Jonathan Architecture : a visual history / NA200 .G527 2017
Ingersoll, Richard World architecture : a cross-cultural history / NA200 .I54 2019
The story of painting : how art was made / ND50 .S85 2019
Gogh-Bonger, Johanna van A memoir of Vincent van Gogh / ND653.G7 G7 2018
Ahmed, Samira Internment / Nook Ahmed
Hilderbrand, Elin Summer of '69 / Nook Hilderbrand
Thomas, Angie On the come up / Nook Thomas
Holmes, Janet  An introduction to sociolinguistics / P40 .H66 2017
Hanson, Ralph E. Mass communication : living in a media world / P90 .H314 2019
Baldwin, Tom Ctrl Alt Delete : how politics and the media crashed our democracy / P95.8 .B33 2018
Iyengar, Shanto Media politics : a citizen's guide / P95.82.U6 I94 2019
Moore, Ellen E. Journalism, politics, and the Dakota Access Pipeline : Standing Rock and the framing of injustice / P96.E572 M66 2019
Euripides. Medea / PA3975.M4 H2813 2000
Homer. The Odyssey of Homer / PA4025.A5 E6 1967
Langenscheidt pocket dictionary, French : French-English, English-French / PC2640 .L36446 2014
Harraps. Webster's new world pocket Spanish dictionary. PC4640 .H337 2016
Merriam-Webster's Spanish-English dictionary = Diccionario español-inglés. PC4640 .M47 2016
Arlov, Pamela Wordsmith : a guide to college writing / PE1408 .A69 2019
Shon, Phillip C. Plan your essay / PE1478 .S465 2019
Merriam-Webster's collegiate dictionary. PE1628 .M36 2014
Compact Oxford Russian dictionary / PG2640 .C64 2013
Dyson, J. Paul. Writers' handbook 2020. PN147 .D9766 2019
Shon, Phillip C. Cite your source / PN171.F56 S46 2019
Polly, Matthew Bruce Lee : a life / PN2287.L2897 P65 2018
Abramson, Jill  Merchants of truth : the business of news and the fight for facts / PN4867 .A27 2019
Vargas, Jose Antonio Dear America : notes of an undocumented citizen / PN4874.V37 V37 2018
Levin, Mark R. Unfreedom of the press / PN4888.P6 L48 2019
Barbero, Paul J. A far cry from Green Mountain / PS3513 .B37347 2019
Hunter, Daniel The New Jim Crow : study guide and call to action / PVCC
Atwood, Margaret  The testaments / Popular Atwood
Baker, Chandler Whisper network / Popular Baker
Butler, Octavia E. Parable of the sower / Popular Butler
Coates, Ta-Nehisi The water dancer : a novel / Popular Coates
Coben, Harlan  Run away / Popular Coben
Gilbert, Elizabeth  City of girls / Popular Gilbert
Grisham, John The guardians / Popular Grisham
Patterson, James  The 18th abduction / Popular J. Patterson vol. 18
King, Stephen  The institute : a novel / Popular King
Lombardo, Claire  The most fun we ever had / Popular Lombardo
Oyeyemi, Helen Gingerbread / Popular Oyeyemi
Patchett, Ann The Dutch house : a novel / Popular Patchett
Ruffin, Maurice Carlos We cast a shadow : a novel / Popular Ruffin
Whitehead, Colson  The Nickel boys : a novel / Popular Whitehead
Mueller, John  Deep learning / Q325.5 .M8455 2019
Shovic, John C. Python all-in-one / QA76.73 .S568 2019
Lospinoso, Josh C++ crash course / QA76.73.C153 L67 2019
Freeman, Emily DevOps / QA76.76.D47 F738 2019
Guthals, Sarah GitHub / QA76.76.D47 G8843 2019
LeVitus, Bob MacOS Catalina / QA76.774 .M33 L4858 2020
Napoli, Marco L. Beginning Flutter : a hands on guide to app development / QA76.774 .N3765 2020
Neuburg, Matt. iOS 13 programming fundamentals with Swift : Swift, Xcode, and Cocoa basics / QA76.774.I67 N496 2020
Veen, Tjeerd in 't Swift in depth / QA76.8.I64 V44 2019
Deogun, Daniel Secure by design / QA76.9 .D4648 2019
Steinberg, Joseph  Cybersecurity / QA76.9 .S74563 2020
Troll factories : Russia's web brigades / QA76.9.A25 T76 2019
Jägare, Ulrika Data science strategy / QA76.9.B45 J34 2019
Ridpath, Ian Astronomy : a visual guide / QB43.3 .R53 2018
Holzner, Steven.  Physics essentials / QC23.2 .H648 2019
Brusatte, Stephen The rise and fall of the dinosaurs : a new history of a lost world / QE861.4 .B79 2018
Gunn, Alan Essential forensic biology / QH313.5.F67 G86 2019
Skwarecki, Beth Genetics 101 : from chromosomes and the double helix to cloning and DNA tests, everything you need to know about genes / QH437 .S59 2018
Natural wonders of the world / QH45.2 .N3636 2017
Dowling, John E. Understanding the brain : from cells to behavior to cognition / QP376 .D698 2018
Norris, Maggie Anatomy essentials / QP41 .N67 2019
Ehrenreich, Barbara. Witches, midwives, & nurses : a history of women healers / R692 .E35 2010
Warner, Melanie The magic feather effect : the science of alternative medicine and the surprising power of belief / R733 .W376 2019
Soni, Nilam J. Point of care ultrasound / R857 .S665 2020
Essentials of clinical informatics / R858 .E77 2019
Universal health care / RA395.A3 U586 2019
Feldstein, Paul J. Health policy issues : an economic perspective / RA410.53 .F455 2019
Brown, Jeremy  Influenza : the hundred-year hunt to cure the deadliest disease in history / RA644.I6 B76 2018
Anthropology of nursing : exploring cultural concepts in practice / RA776.5 .A58 2020
Augustus, Jo Introduction to mental health / RA790.7.G7 A94 2019
Newton, David E. Steroids and doping in sports : a reference handbook / RC1230 .N48 2018
Principles of clinical cancer research / RC267 .M455 2019
Carter, Rita  The human brain book / RC386.6.B7 C368 2019
Robichaud, Melisa Cognitive behavioral treatment for generalized anxiety disorder : from science to practice / RC489.C63 D84 2019
Psychosis, trauma and dissociation : evolving perspectives on severe psychopathology / RC512 .P79 2019
Major depressive disorder / RC537 .M355 2020
The Oxford handbook of eating disorders / RC552.E18 O97 2018
Newton, David E. The opioid crisis : a reference handbook / RC568.O45 N488 2018
Olsen, Yngvild The opioid epidemic / RC568.O45 O47 2019
McLaughlin, Mary Ann Siciliano  Cardiovascular care made incredibly easy! / RC674 .C3585 2020
Hodge, Tanya Fast facts for the cardiac surgery nurse : caring for cardiac surgery patients / RD598 .H634 2020
Hall, Brian A. Anesthesia : a comprehensive review / RD82.3 .H35 2019
Coad, Jane Anatomy and physiology for midwives / c Jane Coad and Kevin Pedley with Melvyn Dunstall. RG558 .C63 2020
Davidson, Michele R. Olds' maternal-newborn nursing & women's health across the lifespan / RG951 .D38 2020
Neonatal intensive care nursing / RJ253.5 .N467 2019
Clark, Robin D. Genetic consultations in the newborn / RJ254 .C53 2019
Treatment of disorders in childhood and adolescence / RJ506.B44 T73 2019
Stolberg, Victor B. What you need to know about ADHD / RJ506.H9 S76 2019
Pollan, Michael How to change your mind : what the new science of psychedelics teaches us about consciousness, dying, addiction, depression, and transcendence / RM324.8 .P65 2018
Edwards, Sharon, MSC A nurse's survival guide to critical care : first updated edition / RT120 .E39373 2019
Heimgartner, Nicole M. Emergency nursing made incredibly easy! / RT120.E4 E44 2019
Harrison, Richard, M.D. A nurse's survival guide to acute medical emergencies / RT120.E4 H37 2019
NCLEX-RN review made incredibly easy! / RT55 .R664 2020
Taylor, Elizabeth Johnston Fast facts about religion for nurses : implications for patient care / RT85.2 .T38 2019
Transcultural concepts in nursing care / RT86.54 .A53 2020
Population-based nursing : concepts and competencies for advanced practice / RT97 .C87 2019
Technology in America : a history of individuals and ideas / T21 .T43 2018
Goldstein, Joshua S.  A bright future : how some countries have solved climate change and the rest can follow / TD171.75 .G65 2019
Juniper, Tony How we're f***ing up our planet / TJ163.2 .J86 2018
Usher, Bruce Renewable energy : a primer for the twenty-first century / TJ808 .U84 2019
Carey, Marcus J. Tribe of hackers : cybersecurity advice from the best hackers in the world / TK5105.875 .C3749 2019
Parker, Jeff T. CompTIA A+ complete practice tests : exam core 1 (220-1001) and exam core 2 (220-1002) / TK7885.54 .P37547 2019
Sclar, Deanna Auto repair / TL152.S42 2019
Frisbie, Matt Professional JavaScript for web developers / TL5105.8884 .F7573 2020
Neufeld, Michael J.  Spaceflight : a concise history / TL788.5 .N48 2018
Stuart, Colin How to live in space : everything you need to know for the not-so-distant future / TL793 .S86 2018
The story of food : an illustrated history of everything we eat. TX353 .S8265 2018
Imhoff, Dan The farm bill : a citizen's guide / TX360.U6 I44 2019
Blum, Deborah  The poison squad : one chemist's single-minded crusade for food safety at the turn of the twentieth century / TX518.W5 B58 2018
Perelman, Deb Smitten Kitchen every day : triumphant and unfussy new favorites / TX714 .P4429 2017
Berens, Abra Ruffage : a practical guide to vegetables : 100+ recipes and 230+ variations / TX715.2.M53 B456 2019
Miglore, Kristen Food52 genius desserts : 100 recipes that will change the way you bake / TX773 .M5323 2018
Amano, Hugh Let's make ramen! : a comic book cookbook / TX809.N65 A43 2019
Osborne, Nicholas J.   Life during college : the veteran's guide to success / UB357 .O83 2019
Christensen, Wendy M.  Mothers of the military : support and politics during wartime / UB403 .C486 2018