Vascular Sonography

The certificate program trains students to provide vascular ultrasounds.

Man Getting Thyroid Ultrasound


Career Studies Certificate

Credit Hours


Required Courses

  • DMS 160: Vascular Sonography I - 4 credits
  • DMS 260: Vascular Sonography II - 4 credits
  • DMS 245: Vascular Ultrasound Cross Sectional Anatomy - 3 credits
  • DMS 231: Clinical Education I - 3 credits
  • DMS 265: Vascular Case Study Review - 1 credits
  • DMS 232: Clinical Education II - 4 credits
  • DMS 266: Vascular Ultrasound Registry Review - 2 credits
  • DMS 298: Seminar and Project - 3 credits
  • DMS 233: Clinical Education III - 5 credits

Admissions Requirements

ARDMS and relevant work experience. After applying to PVCC, students must also apply to the Vascular Sonography Program.

Program Information

The PVCC Career Studies Certificate in Vascular Sonography will prepare competent entry- level vascular technologists in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains.

Occupational Outlook: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer uses equipment that emits sound waves to penetrate through body tissue ( The sound waves reverberate back to create a computerized image of the body tissue.

Vascular Sonographers are thus the specially trained technologist who work with the vascular system.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor and EMSI data, employment of sonographers nationally and in our service region is projected to grow faster than average for other occupations through 2024. In our region of Virginia vascular sonographers are employed at an estimated salary of $24.31 per hour ($50,564 annually). Experienced vascular technicians can earn an average of $34 per hour ($70,720). As imaging technology evolves, medical facilities will continue to use ultrasound to replace more invasive and costly procedures. Sonographers with specialized credentials in more than one modality,

e.g. Vascular Technology, will have a competitive advantage over other sonographers without this additional training.