Pharmacy Technician

This certificate provides training to perform Pharmacy Technician duties in local healthcare facilities.


Pharmacy Technician

Area of Interest

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Career Studies Certificate

Required Courses

  • HLT 141: Medical Terminology - 2 credits
  • BIO 145: Anatomy & Physiology for the Health Sciences - 4 credits
  • ITE 119 or ITE 120: Information Literacy - 3 credits
  • HLT 195: Introduction to Pharmacy - 3 credits
  • HLT 250: General Pharmacology - 3 credits
  • HLT 261: Basic Pharmacy I - 3 credits
  • HLT 263: Basic Pharmacy I Lab - 1 credits
  • HLT 262: Basic Pharmacy II - 3 credits
  • HLT 264: Basic Pharmacy II Lab - 1 credits
  • HLT 290: Coordinated Internship - 5 credits
  • HLT 295: Pharmacy Technician Capstone - 1 credits

Admissions Requirements

Completion of MTE 1-5 or qualified placement test score and complete ENF 2 or qualified placement test score for this program. Additional information can be found on the program’s website or in the Admission and Advising Center or in the Health and Life Sciences Division office. You can find additional information about the Pharmacy Technician Career Studies Certificate in a booklet, which can be found on the program’s webpage, in Admissions and Advising, and the Health and Life Sciences Building.

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Program Information

Occupational Objective: Pharmacy technicians are individuals who help licensed pharmacists dispense prescription medication to customers or health professionals, measuring amounts of medication for prescriptions, packaging and labeling prescriptions, accepting payment and providing information to patients. They work in retail pharmacies and hospitals.