Multimedia and Motion Graphics

This certificate is designed to give students work-ready skills in multimedia design and production.


Multimedia designer at computer


Career Studies Certificate

Credit Hours


Required Courses

  • ART 131: Fundamentals of Design - 4 credits
  • ART 150: History of Film and Animation or ART 121: Drawing I - 3 credits, 4 credits
  • ART 180: Introduction to Computer Graphics - 3 credits
  • ART 130: Introduction to Multimedia - 3 credits
  • ART 203: Animation I - 3 credits
  • ART 207: 3D Model Rendering - 3 credits
  • ART 208: Video Techniques - 3 credits
  • ART 270: Motion Graphics I - 3 credits

Admissions Requirements

There are no additional Admission requirements.

Program Information

This two-semester certificate is designed to give students work-ready skills in Multimedia Design and Production. Graduates will be able to work with a range of technology to create and edit professional level multimedia products. In addition, the Multimedia & Motion Graphics CSC will help each student assemble a coherent “Demo Reel” or portfolio which clearly display their skills to prospective employers.

Occupational Objectives: Successful graduates will be prepared for entry level positions in multimedia arts and animation, film and video editing, motion design, producer and director.

Successful graduates will be prepared to pass the Adobe ACA Digital Video Exam.