This degree develops a work-ready skillset in Cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity lab


Career Studies Certificate

Credit Hours


Required Courses

  • ITN 170: Linux System Administration - 3 credits
  • ITN 111: Windows Server Administration - 3 credits
  • ITN 106: Microcomputer Operating Systems - 3 credits
  • ITN 208: Protocols and Communications - 3 credits
  • ITN 260: Network Security Basics - 4 credits
  • ITN 261: Network Attacks, Computer Crime and Hacking - 4 credits
  • ITN 276: Computer Forensics I - 3 credits
  • ITP 140: Client Side Scripting - 4 credits

Admissions Requirements

There are no additional admission requirements for this program.

Program Information

This specialization in Cybersecurity is designed as a two-year degree program offering students both new to the field and currently employed in related work the opportunity to fully develop a work-ready skillset in Cybersecurity and Information Systems Technology. Graduates will have he necessary skills to protect computing systems and networks that have an important impact on data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Graduates will be knowledgeable about computer network threats and appropriate responses. This specialization will prepare graduates to function in public, private, and governmental organizations, in roles requiring assessment, operations, protection, and improvement of network security systems. In addition, graduates will possess a thorough knowledge of computer systems and networks with specific training in programming, server administration, system administration, and computer applications.

This specialization will also help prepare graduates for the A+, Network +, Security +, SSCP, CISM, CCNP, and ISSP examinations. This program is aligned to the standards set forth by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education.

Occupational Objectives: Successful graduates will be eligible for employment in the occupations of Network Assistant, Network Systems Administrator, Network Analyst, and Penetration Tester.

Graduation Requirement: Students entering the Information Systems Technology associate degree program are required to take one writing intensive course in order to graduate.

The writing intensive course for this program is ITN 276 which has a prerequisite of ENG 111 and ENG 112.

Students who are awarded transfer credit for this course from another institution may fulfill the writing intensive course (WIC) requirement for this degree program by completing another writing intensive course (WIC).