Kathy Hudson Student Emergency Grant Fund

Kathy Hudson Student Emergency Grant Fund

What is the Kathy Hudson Student Emergency Grant Fund?
The Kathy Hudson Student Emergency Grant Fund will provide quick-response emergency grant to currently enrolled students in good academic standing who are facing a short term financial emergency that may hinder successful academic progression or withdrawal from the college. The goal of the grant is to help students remain enrolled in classes. Emergency funding is not intended to provide ongoing assistance for routine expenses or as a supplement for educational expenses.

Financial Emergencies that qualify for grant funding:

  • Homelessness or sudden loss of housing
  • Overdue utility bills/turn off notices
  • Travel expenses due to illness/death in the immediate family
  • Medical or dental emergencies
  • Theft of computer, books, clothing or other essential items
  • Temporary loss of job or income
  • Car repair, bus passes, or other transportation needs
  • Loss of childcare
  • Other (explanation of emergency is required)

Amount of Assistance
The maximum award per student is not to exceed $750 per year; however, in extraordinary cases, the review committee may award more than that if necessary to enable a student to succeed or stay enrolled. Funds awarded through the Kathy Hudson Student Emergency Grant Fund are not loans, and therefore, do not require repayment to PVCC.

Eligibility Requirements
The applicant must:
1. Be currently enrolled for at least six credits in the semester in which the funds would apply.
2. Be in good academic standing.
3. Have no outstanding college debt.
4. Submit a Student Emergency Grant Fund Application.
5. Submit documentation to support the emergency.

How to Apply
1. Complete the Student Emergency Grant Fund Application and submit to the Admissions and Advising Center.
2. The Admissions and Advising Center will forward the application to the Financial Aid Office.
3. Students will be contacted for a brief consultation by the Financial Aid Office to discuss budget counseling, other forms of financial assistance, and any issues with cost of attendance.
4. A committee will review the student's application.
5. The Director of Financial Aid will notify the student of the review committee's decision.
    Students will be notified no later than five business days after the application was received.
6. Assistance will be provided in the form of a direct payment to a service provider, business, retailer, etc. Funds are generally not provided directly to the student.
7. Students with unmet financial need or who have situations that will likely reoccur will be referred to community resources.

Kathy Hudson Emergency Grant Application